Friday, July 17, 2015

Health and Fitness Self-Improvement

There’s no better place to start self-improvement than with your health. After all, health is one of the most important aspects of life. Taking care of your health is the first step on the road to self-improvement.

1. Eat breakfast- start the day off right with a quick morning breakfast. Fruit and yogurt, granola and milk or whole-wheat toast and peanut butter will ensure you start on the right foot.

2. Relax in the morning- get up a couple minutes early and savour that extra time. Enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the sun rise; take a few extra minutes to yourself in the shower; or go for a quick brisk walk around the block to get your heart pumping. There’s nothing worse than starting your day in a rush. A few minutes in the morning can make a world of difference.

3. Exercise with a friend- Exercise releases endorphins, which can lift your spirit as well as help you maintain a healthy weight. However, sometimes it can be hard to get out of bed and actually hit the gym. Combining your friendly chatter with exercise can make exercise much more fun. Working out with a friend, whether this is a morning stroll, a spin class, an evening run or anything else, can keep you motivated and revved for the rest of the day.

4. Don’t just drink water, enjoy water- tap water is fine, in most instances, but pure water makes a big difference. It’s important to drink 2 liters of water each day; however, this shouldn’t seem like a chore. Add some ice cubes, cordial and enjoy water through a fun straw to make it more indulgent. Water doesn’t have to be just water.

5. Pop a vitamin a day- it’s amazing what one little pill can do for your health. Multi vitamins can give your body the nourishment it is lacking. We can’t eat perfect balanced and healthy all the time, which is why vitamins were created.

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

How To Use Meditation To Get And Stay Motivated

The art of meditation has been long harnessed by people throughout the world to enlighten their souls, broaden the scope of their minds, and ultimately change their perception of the world. You could also apply this on yourself. Meditation is basically finding inner peace. That peace then translates to an enlightened and more positive mindset. There are many ways to meditate and it also has lots of different names. Learning how to meditate can be a great motivational tool that comes in handy all the time. Whenever you feel stressed, take some time to listen to the silence, hear nothing but your breath, your pounding heart, and your mind will start opening up to ideas and go to places you have never been before.

1. Be Alone in a Calm Environment

The best places to meditate would be locations with tranquil surroundings with no disturbances. Well, if you can’t go out that much, your room will always do. Take a mat or a pillow and sit on it comfortably. Once you’ve become at ease, close your eyes and breathe slowly. This will calm you down allowing your mind to slow down and rest. Open up your thoughts and erase all the bad memories, nasty thoughts, and forget about the stress that you carry around. Doing this every once in a while helps you make clear and concise judgments. This will also keep you from making any rash decisions that you would later regret.

2. Have Someone Help You Out

Having someone with you for meditating is also one great way of achieving inner peace. For people who are not comfortable with meditating on their own, joining in meditation sessions is one great way to get used to the process. Getting coached on meditation also broadens your mind further.

3. How is Meditation Going To Help Me Feel Motivated?

Some forms of meditation aim to give its practitioners an unbreakable sense of wellness, well-being, and improved state of mind while engaging in daily activities. Meditating can be of great help especially if your mind is troubled and filled with problems most of the time. Having an enclosed and stressed mind can lead to poor, clouded judgment. Meditation eliminates all the negative energies in your body making you feel vibrant, more relaxed, and more optimistic every single time. To get yourself motivated with doing just about anything, meditate. Take the time to relax and focus on your inner self, uncluttered everything and feel indestructibly motivated.

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Path To Success - A Motivational Journey

For some, success is elusive and hard to reach. Other people on the other hand, say there’s a formula for success and that you have to live by it should you wish to reap success. To truly understand the path to success, you must first be willing to understand many things that translate to its formula. What you need to know is written just below:

1. Motivation

One aspect of the formula to success is motivation. The force that propels us to do what’s necessary is our undying motivation. Finding that drive to earn success is relatively important as the act of doing. Once we declare it in our minds then we could do it in the real world. Motivation is a key to success but it is not alone. Motivation in its own self is useless without other correlating factors that make up the whole picture. However, having the inspiration to do things is already much of an achievement but it still is not complete.

2. Commitment and Determination

Pursuing a goal is not all about motivation. Although motivation plays a huge part in the pursuit of a goal but it alone cannot act on itself. It must be met with equal amounts of determination and commitment. To get hold of that success that you seek, you must commit yourself to reaching that goal, being determined along the way, and having the motivation to drive you from start to finish. Whether it’s success in work, business, or in school, a combination of these three elements is always necessary.

3. Be Happy With What You Do

Excellence can be achieved if you find the joy to work. The best way of doing something is by enjoying it. While reaching your goals, enjoy and take pleasure with whatever it is that you are doing. It is then and only then can you reach excellence when you find joy in your work. The best people in history were never forced to do something that they did not want. They did it for the love of what they do. They had passion, motivation, sheer determination, and commitment. You could also apply this to your own self. Everything starts with you and you start with the motivation to reach your goal. You then reach your goal with the burning passion, determination to move and the commitment to succeed in life. 

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

3 Steps To True Motivation

All of us have some form of motivation and it varies per person. There are simple things that could motivate us like buying a really nice pair of shoes, shopping, or simply having some free time. No matter what it is that motivates, you there are certain things that keeps us in this motivated state. Check out the key factors to motivation:

1. Imagination

If you can think it, it can be done. Imagination is our limitless resource of information. It is what drives people to come up of new things to make life better. It is also the starting point for motivation. Imagining how things will begin, the series of coordinated events, and the desired outcomes will most likely fuel anyone’s intentions. On the other hand, there is one twist to this though. You should never think of negative through or contradictory imaginations that may result negatively. Pessimistic imagination can only do so much as bring doubt. It cannot do you any good and would not motivate you at all.

On the other hand, a healthy dose of realizing consequences can be helpful. Just don’t bring it to the point that would compromise your entire motivational plot. Think positive and imagine greater thing that will fire up your mood and motivate yourself.

2. Reenacting Your Imagination

The next step after your thinking of the perfect plot to motivate yourself is to live your imagination in the real world. It may sound a bit absurd but it is how things around us and brought to life. Conceptualization is key to building and building is key to completion of concepts. To make it simple, a thought will remain a thought if you don’t do anything to make it real. Once you decide to live your imaginations then you will achieve your goals and your motivation plot has reached success.

3. Making Motivation a Habit

Until the very last ounce of life that we breathe, there is hope of achieving great things. Although you have reached some of your goals, that does not mean that your life is already complete and you do not have any need for motivation. Keep in mind that without motivation, you wouldn’t get nowhere without dumb luck. Make motivation an everyday habit. Imagine, re-imagine, and live your thoughts. Put this in a constant loop each day and you will find it easy to achieve a better life, reach new heights, and become a far better individual.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

5 steps to get yourself fire up

Despite your many efforts to succeed in life there are those times that your motivation seems to fall off a cliff. These situations are quite normal and luckily there are easy ways on how to get around them. Check out these really easy steps to get yourself fire up:

1. Check Your Health

Workout, eat a healthy diet, and keep your body physically fit. The very first thing that you should not overlook is your body. One good confidence booster is by having good health. Nothing beats a nice looking healthy body that you and others seeing you would like. Getting in shape would definitely give you a head start.

2. Find Out What Easily Bothers You

There are certain things that bother us most of the time. These are those little things that make us experience that unbearable itch that really annoys us. Find out what it is and take time to realize the situation and come up with a plan to keep it from coming back.

3. Rid Yourself of Fear

Although a little fear could be used as a weapon for your own sake, however, if in large amounts it can be really harmful for you. Anxiety and fear are all psychological. They are only existent in your mind. If you could create fear then you could erase fear as well. The same goes for anxiety. If your too afraid of the consequences or too anxious of what’s about to happen, you’re not motivated at all. Breaking down your fear into small manageable portions helps a lot in gaining motivation.

4. Start The Day With Positivity

Have you ever woken up in the wrong side of the bed? Most of us did and it lasted throughout the day. If negativity could last from the moment you wake up till you lay to rest at night, so can positivity. Kick start your day with a nice warm smile and a positive attitude. The right mindset at the right time can be a game changer.

5. Create Your Own Mantra

Meditating is an all effective, cost efficient method of motivating yourself. It’s long been referred to as a means of finding inner peace. Meditation can help you clear up your mind, rid you of all the anxiety, frustrations, and everything negative. There’s no exact means of meditating so you can come up with your own. As long as you're comfortable and you could find calmness, that will do fine. It’s a lot easier to feel motivated when you’re mind isn’t clouded with negativity.